You are a Great Listener

When (if) people tell you that you are a good listener, do you take that as a compliment? It IS a great compliment because most of us don’t listen well.

Have you ever been accused, “You aren’t listening!”?

Ask yourself whether that is a common occurrence (that you weren’t listening, not that you were told) or not.

You can improve your listening as well as how others notice how well you listen.

Listen for the meaning, not the words. Pay attention to the facial expressions, the tone of voice, the context, and body language if you can see the speaker. If you can’t see them, then pay attention to tone and pauses and other speaking nuances.

Most of all listen for the underlying meaning and then check, paraphrase back, ask if you understood their meaning. Ask, “Is that what you meant?” Rather than , “Is that what you said?”