Why some people struggle with Mathematics

I was a geek mathematician at one time who got curious about why some people couldn’t understand some mathematical concepts like fractions.  So I did my dissertation research on the subject and the answers I found led to more questions about how people learn and why not all people learned the same way or at the same pace.  And as I did what many people do, move from one profession to another, one job to another, I got immersed in computer artificial intelligence as it compared to human intelligence, what intelligence is anyway, and how to apply my interests and what I researched to the way people approach and understand business decisions and general thinking.

That may sound like a long road but, looking back, it was a natural progression for me.
Now I speak and write about business decision-making, how to improve and explain and have confidence in one’s own decision-making.  We all have funny and poignant stories about decisions we’ve made in the past.
What are yours?






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