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  • The power of sincere questions Questions are a sign of intelligence, of interest, of curiosity, of caring about the other person and the topic, and of being a critical thinker. Can you think of anything else you can say that is this powerful? Questions, to be able to drink in that power, must be paired […]

  • Making Decisions With Too Much Data

    Making decisions with too much data is just as difficult and risky as making a decision with too little data. There are ways to be logical and move forward in either case. With too little data, you may want to step back and list or mind map the missing pieces. Which of them are critical, […]

  • Contentment vs Impatience

    Contentment vs Impatience

    We normally think that the opposite of impatience is patience.  For the moment I’d like to ask you to be open to the idea that the opposite of impatience is contentment.  When you are showing patience you are waiting for another person to finish what they are doing or saying so you can have a […]



    Yes, genius. Everyone has it yet most people describe themselves as having no creativity. As children we were all free to try anything.  I decided to draw on the wall behind a door in our apartment.  I felt proud of my colorful scribbles until my mother discovered it.  And, yes, I was punished.  I think […]

  • What are your brains’s blind spots?

    What sites, blogs, or newsletters do you subscribe to now to improve your thinking and decision-making? Everyone and anyone can improve and it should get better the older you are and the more you have learned and practiced over the years.  So what do you do to get better all the time? Please respond to […]

  • Add the power to brainstorming so that it works

    The call for brainstorming happens thousands of times a day, all over the world, and especially in business environments.  Why?  Because to come up with good solutions, better ideas, more effective methods and innovation you want to start with options.  First, before making a decision, you need to know about what choices you have and […]