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How do you learn?  How do you link your new learning with your memory?  How do you take in any information?  Of course, it comes in as data through one of your senses.  The obvious ones are sight and hearing but they are not the only ones at work.  You may have touched something, or it may have touched you.  You may have tasted a new food.  You may have noticed an unusual odor.  There is also a 6th sense which means we take note of a feeling though may not be sure how or why it happened.  All your senses are receptors bringing in information that your brain will record, maybe store, maybe making it easy for you to remember later.

When we pay more attention we will help our brain execute  that process called memory: receive, store, be able to retrieve.  It also helps to get that information through multiple senses, hence, drawing, diagraming, and writing notes, can all improve the memory.

Let’s continue to explore this set of ideas about learning and memory through this newsletter.  Please comment, add ideas, and ask questions.

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