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Help Others to Learn

Helping Others Learn
The well known old Chinese proverb says, If you give a person a fish, he eats for a day, if you teach him to fish, you feed him for life.

Teaching a concept to others is like that. They learn and can apply the concept. But teach someone how to learn, how to increase their knowledge, and you have given them a gift for life.

Teach someone how to read or listen effectively, so they remember what they read or heard, is like teaching them to fish.

Most people hardly listen. They can’t remember someone’s name nor what they said. When you learn to listen for content and context, for the meaning, then you will remember and those who feel listened to will remember you for that appreciation you showed.

Learn Something New Every Day – then Share it

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Business, Brains & BS

Published on Oct. 8, 2014


Note: if you order through this link Amazon will make a donation to the charity FitMS Neurobalance Center. Thank you for helping this 501c3 charity.

I am honored by the early endorsements from a number of people who have read the manuscript before it went to the printer.

Praise for Business, Brains & B.S.

A superb book! Dr. Wagner provides a wonderful cross between reading a Tom Clancy novel and a Jack Canfield success guide!!! She challenges the conventional wisdom of how we think, both individually and as a group, and how we communicate and handle a crisis. She provides solid hands on techniques to create a more creative thought process while demonstrating concepts of communicating to a variety of audiences. The key with this book is the unique approach she takes in presenting a fictitious case study in a fast-paced mystery and suspense format that makes for an easy, entertaining and engaging read. It does this while providing valuable insights and lessons to learn. No business leader should be without a copy of this book in their library.” - Salvatore M. Capizzi, Executive Vice President, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Dunham & Associates Investment Counsel, Inc. San Diego, CA

"Knowledge is not necessarily wisdom. This book makes that distinction and shows how to extract everyday wisdom from your experiences. Read it and reap." - Sam Horn, author of POP! and Tongue Fu!

“This book will help you become a better manager. Period! But there's something more. "Business, Brains, and BS" is one hell of a good book! Ms. Wagner is every bit as good an author as she is a consultant, and this book is as good as most any "whodunit" you might choose to read this summer. Beach reading totally at home in the boardroom.” - William Matthies, Author, "The 7 Keys to Change"

“As anyone who has met me knows, I remind people to be outrageous, and that is how I would describe the title and style of Hazel Wagner’s new book, Business, Brains and BS. She knows how to grab and keep your attention so that you emerge wiser. - Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE, professional speaker/executive coach and producer of Speaker Schools

“For me it made reading a business book fun, I accidentally read the business book, while I was turning pages in the mystery. It read fast and the information stuck to my brain better when I forgot that I was learning something.” – Keith C.P. Wagner, President, Fabrik Industries, Inc.



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Note: if you order through these links,  Amazon will make a donation to the charity FitMS Neurobalance Center. Thank you for helping this 501c3 charity.


Business, Brains & BS

3d version of BB&BS

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