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    Yes, genius. Everyone has it yet most people describe themselves as having no creativity. As children we were all free to try anything.  I decided to draw on the wall behind a door in our apartment.  I felt proud of my colorful scribbles until my mother discovered it.  And, yes, I was punished.  I think […]

  • Cultivate Curiosity, Yours and Your Associates

    Cultivate Curiosity, Yours and Your Associates Young children are naturally curious.  Too often we get impatient with their incessant questions and dampen their curiosity.  Curiosity is a good thing, even a great thing. With associates as with children, it may be advantageous to ask them a question when they ask you for an answer.  How […]

  • Idea Generation instead of Brainstorming

    The word brainstorming has gotten a bad rap from some who write on the www. The problem they seem to have is that their experiences with the subject have been the antithesis of purposeful brainstorming. So I propose to use ‘idea generation’ instead of brainstorming. That is the purpose of most brainstorming sessions any way. […]