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  • Making Decisions With Too Much Data

    Making decisions with too much data is just as difficult and risky as making a decision with too little data. There are ways to be logical and move forward in either case. With too little data, you may want to step back and list or mind map the missing pieces. Which of them are critical, […]

  • Have you ever made a decision and then feared it was the wrong one?

    Have you ever made a decision and then immediately started to second-guess yourself? You likely kept going back over the problem and how you solved it and then began to have doubts. Or maybe you developed a great solution to a work problem only to find that your associates and boss don’t see it your […]

  • Book publishing

    If the number of emails I get on the subject of publishing, including publishing of ebooks, is any indication of general interest, there must be a tremendous number of people wanting to publish their story. When you have been a knowledge junkie like I have, it makes sense to write it all down and share […]