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Be Convincing When You Present

Learn how to give convincing and appreciated presentations 

Being able to sell your ideas and recommendations is a requirement for career advancement. Learn the 5 steps to take to make all your presentations business worthy.  

Being able to stand up in front of colleagues, in front of customers, or in front of your executive committee and nail that message, will advance your career.

Being smart isn’t enough.  Being knowledgeable isn’t enough.  Having done the research isn’t enough.

Avoid too much information, data.  Only include enough to support your conclusion.  Let them ask for more if they want it.

Create a beginning, middle and end to the story that supports your recommendation.

No slides with PowerPoint lists. 

Data can be the handout at the end, the leave behind.  Some will read it because they accepted your premise and conclusion.  Some will feel they already understand and don’t need to read it.

I will be offering an online course to address this topic.  Let me know if you or someone you know would be interested.