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  • Your Knowledge, keep it growing

    No one can take your education away from you. What you learn is yours forever. OK I know there are diseases that can rob our memories. I’m not denying that. But other than that your life is enriched by knowledge, by curiosity, by interest, by paying attention, by seeking more understanding, more than anything else […]

  • Which is More Important? Creativity or the Ability to Inspire

    We can find research to support which ever side of an argument you need. Is that hard to believe? Here is an example. I do seminars on creativity and powerbrainstorming (™) so this research supports its importance: “according to the Adobe® (Nasdaq:ADBE) State of Create global benchmark study. The research shows 8 in 10 people […]

  • The power of sincere questions Questions are a sign of intelligence, of interest, of curiosity, of caring about the other person and the topic, and of being a critical thinker. Can you think of anything else you can say that is this powerful? Questions, to be able to drink in that power, must be paired […]

  • What are you reading and listening to?

    Are you listening to and reading from people you believe are smarter than you on the current subject? If not, how do you learn anything new? Constantly growing and learning makes you a better person and then others can grow and learn from you. We each have areas in our life where we have spent […]

  • Beginnings

    Every new day is a beginning. Some days you may feel that your day, your schedule, your time is all pre-planned with no room for exploring new ideas or places or new friends. That would be a shame. Every new day is filled with opportunity. Read something interesting to think about and then share. Write […]

  • Contentment vs Impatience

    Contentment vs Impatience

    We normally think that the opposite of impatience is patience.  For the moment I’d like to ask you to be open to the idea that the opposite of impatience is contentment.  When you are showing patience you are waiting for another person to finish what they are doing or saying so you can have a […]



    Yes, genius. Everyone has it yet most people describe themselves as having no creativity. As children we were all free to try anything.  I decided to draw on the wall behind a door in our apartment.  I felt proud of my colorful scribbles until my mother discovered it.  And, yes, I was punished.  I think […]

  • Cultivate Curiosity, Yours and Your Associates

    Cultivate Curiosity, Yours and Your Associates Young children are naturally curious.  Too often we get impatient with their incessant questions and dampen their curiosity.  Curiosity is a good thing, even a great thing. With associates as with children, it may be advantageous to ask them a question when they ask you for an answer.  How […]

  • Quick Start for Innovation

    Sooner or later every business person starts to wonder if they are losing their touch or getting too complacent.  People buy based on differences not sameness. You and your company must constantly strive to stand out, to be viewed as a resource, not just a supplier. A commodity is an item that is undifferentiated in […]

  • New book coming

    Power Brainstorming, the book, focused on helping get past the boring kind of brainstorming to breakthrough ideas. My next book will cover how you can improve critical and creative thinking, decision making, communication of ideas, and whole brain thinking. I’ll test out pieces of the book in this blog. It would be great to get […]