Power Brainstorming

Power Brainstorming™

power brainstormingPower Brainstorming™ is a book, subtitled Great Ideas at Lightning Speed. Power Brainstorming™ is also a trademarked process to radically improve brainstorming sessions.

What is your experience with brainstorming? Someone stands in the front of the room at a flip chart or white board wielding a marker, looking expectantly at the rest of the group to come up with something for him to write down.

This can result in some ideas but usually the number is small and too often not very inventive.

Another impediment in this typical brainstorming process is that only one idea can be expressed at a time and then everyone else feels the need to comment on it. All comments are perceived as evaluation, good idea, bad idea, where did you come up with that?, we tried that before.

Most of us know (though we don’t always adhere) that saying something negative is a no-no.

All types of comments can put a damper on the brainstorming process, even saying, ‘boy, that’s a good idea!’ Even so called complimentary comments dampen the process because any other thoughts not yet expressed now have to survive each person’s self talk about whether their ideas are as good as the one that received the compliment.

Power Brainstorming™ is a terrific way to explode the number of options to solve a problem, develop multiple strategies for your organization, and always be able to discover great ideas at lightning speed.

Power Brainstorming™, the book, is available on this site, on the Kindle, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders online. Of course we have some special deals plus you can get a personally signed copy if you purchase from our site.

The book, the audio book, the card deck of brainstorming tips, and more. It’s all about Great Ideas at Lightning Speed.Power Brainstorming™ is a registered trademark of B9D, Inc and Hazel Wagner.