Everything You Do Begins with Your Mind

Everything you achieve in life and work begins with the mind.  Even if you are an athlete, physical prowess isn’t enough.  You have to use your mind, too.

You can study and fill your brain with a lot of facts but that isn’t enough either.  Making decisions, understanding the facts, and building mutually satisfying relationships take much more than being able to quote a bunch of data or facts.

Your mind is capable, and you will want to access, reasoning, logic,  thoughtfulness, recognition, and many more skills that will take you from information, through knowledge, to wisdom.  Good decisions take depth of understanding not a litany of details.

Mutually fruitful business and personal relationships take emotional and social intelligence, true listening to one another, and caring about how and why not just what happens.


ask open questions

be curious

be skeptical

be intentionally naive

withhold judgement

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