Decision Making

Would you like to have more confidence while you are making decisions?  We all would.

How to get there?

  1. Remember that perfect doesn’t exist even though it is the new popular word.  
  2. Logical thought processes are better than emotional but include paying attention to what your emotions are telling you, or the emotions being shown by others who are involved.
  3. Pause and think through.  Don’t jump in without checking how deep the water is.  That doesn’t mean take forever, just take some time to think the situation through.
  4. List options.  For most situations there are several options you can consider.  Don’t get caught up in the expression, ‘Well, I have no choice!’  Also avoid black and white thinking as if there are only two, opposite choices.
  5. Recognize that some decisions allow for changes and flexibility as you learn more or move forward.  Not being locked in has many advantages.

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