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  • Tony Buzan, in memorial

    Tony Buzan June 2, 1942 – April 13, 2019 Tony Buzan is the person who brought mind mapping into my and many people’s world. He taught us and pushed us to use color and art and our brain processes as we organized ideas and brought out our own creativity. His voice, his British accent, is […]

  • Growing your knowledge and sharing it

    Are you listening to and reading from people you believe are smarter than you on the current subject? If not, how do you learn anything new? Constantly growing and learning makes you a better person and then others can grow and learn from you. We each have areas in our life where we have spent […]

  • Wonderful News

    Publishing a book means overcoming a lot of hurdles, not just getting the book written.  Two years to write the book then at least two months of agonizing back and forth editing and updating and editing again and updating again, etc. etc. etc.  But it is all worth it when you see the finished product. […]

  • The Next Book is So Close I Can See It

    Business, Brains, & BS is in its final stages. Pre-pub reviews are coming in. The cover art will be unusual and innovative. The business mystery story will intrigue you. And you will gather new ideas for your own business world.