Bottlenecks and Constraints in your Business

Where are the bottlenecks in your business?

Understand and acknowledge bottlenecks and constraints in order to address them before moving on. Diagram or list your options.

In Goldraitt’s book The Goal, which I recommend, a manager of a manufacturing facility learns about constraint theory, and you do too. It is clearer in a manufacturing process how constraints cause big problems and can be hard to recognize. The same constraint theory can apply in any and all parts of a business.

How are decisions made in your business? Are there some employees who make quick decisions, maybe some times not thought through, while others sit and stew over decisions afraid to make a move until every data point has been evaluated.

The interesting thing is that both too slow and too fast can be constraints, bottlenecks.

Build a process that finds and ‘authorizes’ moving forward when there is enough data to indicate direction without having to wait to be certain of all the details. Testing the water, understanding levels of risk, are important, even essential, but shouldn’t make everything stand still.

Recognize those constraints, those bottlenecks, for what they are and eliminate them.






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