Beyond 9 Dots

When I first started the b9d consulting company. It was to be called Beyond 9 Dots in honor of the 9 dot puzzle and the conundrum of trying to solve it.  For anyone out there who is not familiar with the puzzle, here it is:

Connect all 9 dots with 4 straight lines without picking up your pencil.
The creative questions people ask as they attempt to solve the puzzle add to its wonder. Can they cross?  If I didn’t give a rule that they can’t cross, then they can.  Can one line be superimposed on another?  Didn’t say they couldn’t but is that a good use of your limited  number of lines?  Do they have to be connected?   Didn’t exactly say they had to be connected but can you draw the 4 lines without picking up your pencil and not have them connected?

That was 1992.  I applied for the copyright to the name, fully believing that no one else would have thought of such a name. But to my surprise someone had not only thought of it but had copyrighted it.

So my company came initially to be known as b9d, inc and that name was available. 

A few years later “beyond 9 dots” name was abandoned by the other company and I scooped it up and applied and received the copyright.  

You could say patience won out, but actually b9d turned out to be a great name and a terrific URL.  Three letter URLs are hard to get.

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