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Keep Learning, every day in every way

Learn something new every day.

Set a goal to learn something new every day. Our lives are completely disrupted and upended by the health crisis we are in. Time is the one resource you have that you have no way to save for later. Even admitting that there are times of these days where you don’t feel like doing anything, having a goal to learn something new can take many forms.

If you have been cooking and baking to pass the time, try something completely new and different using items in your pantry.

If you re reading a lot, look for a book or article on a different or unusual topic asking yourself how you can use or share the new learning.

If you are staring at the computer or phone screen many hours a day, explore a new site on a subject that might be interesting but different from your usual wanderings.

If you sit and stare out the window, focus on some of the small details of what you see. What do they mean?

If you are writing a journal and the subjects have gotten repetitive and boring, choose something at random from a page in a dictionary or magazine (could be online) and explore and write about it.

Seek to learn something new every day. Every evening review what you learned that day asking yourself with whom you can share this new topic.

Sleep well and stay well.