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What are the vision and mission of your organization?

How does your vision and mission make a difference in the world and for your employees and customers?

Does every employee understand and acknowledge how their job fits in with that mission and vision?

Put some thought into the answers to those questions. Ask employees what they understand is the vision and the mission of the company. Ask them how their job supports the vision and mission.

If there is a match, congratulations. If there isn’t a match you may have some work to do.

If you would like some help figuring this all out, let me know.


Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Build connections , even relationships if possible, that expose you to different ideas, world views, experiences, stories, and possibilities.

We gravitate naturally toward people and locations that feel comfortable and familiar. They reinforce what we already think we know.

By stepping outside that comfort zone, we can see, hear, and learn about new viewpoints and expand our thinking.

What new book genre, different news source, or new town to visit could expand your thinking?

Be an Entrepreneur inside a larger organization

Be an Entrepreneur inside a larger organization

You can make a giant difference inside a company, for the company and for yourself, by acting like an entrepreneur. Run your ‘job’ like it is a business on its own within the larger organization.

What does that mean?

You make time and investment decisions within the role you have. You seek out and ‘power brainstorm(™)’ ideas to contribute more and be more profitable as an entity.

Let me know any questions or ideas you have for this blog and I will both respond and attempt to incorporate your ideas. There you are already acting like an entrepreneur!