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Building Your Work Community

Does your work life give you a sense of community?

Do you feel close enough to your fellow workers to think of them as a second family or BFFs?
If you work in an office environment with them do you invite them to go to lunch or do they come looking for you to join them for lunch?

If you work remotely, do you have friendly conversations regularly that are not just focused on the business?

Without connection to the people at work it is hard for a worker to feel connection and loyalty to the company. Leaders must recognize and address this problem if they have a lot of remote workers.

Individuals must take action to improve those connections when asked to work remotely, on your own, something that is happening with more and more frequency.

Questions are a sign of Intelligence and Curiosity

Questions are a sign of intelligence and curiosity

Did you think in school that if you asked a question you were admitting you didn’t know something you were supposed to know?

It’s the opposite. You care about understanding. You want to know. You have interest. You are curious to understand at a deeper level. Maybe you are making sure you got the instructions straight.

Einstein claimed it was curiosity, not intelligence, that made the difference and made him able to discover and make such strides in science and mathematics.

Hopefully no one ever told you to stop asking questions.