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Beyond 9 Dots

When I first started the b9d consulting company. It was to be called Beyond 9 Dots in honor of the 9 dot puzzle and the conundrum of trying to solve it.  For anyone out there who is not familiar with the puzzle, here it is:

Connect all 9 dots with 4 straight lines without picking up your pencil.
The creative questions people ask as they attempt to solve the puzzle add to its wonder. Can they cross?  If I didn’t give a rule that they can’t cross, then they can.  Can one line be superimposed on another?  Didn’t say they couldn’t but is that a good use of your limited  number of lines?  Do they have to be connected?   Didn’t exactly say they had to be connected but can you draw the 4 lines without picking up your pencil and not have them connected?

That was 1992.  I applied for the copyright to the name, fully believing that no one else would have thought of such a name. But to my surprise someone had not only thought of it but had copyrighted it.

So my company came initially to be known as b9d, inc and that name was available. 

A few years later “beyond 9 dots” name was abandoned by the other company and I scooped it up and applied and received the copyright.  

You could say patience won out, but actually b9d turned out to be a great name and a terrific URL.  Three letter URLs are hard to get.

What are your brains’s blind spots?

3346955081_25e1354feeWhat sites, blogs, or newsletters do you subscribe to now to improve your thinking and decision-making?

Everyone and anyone can improve and it should get better the older you are and the more you have learned and practiced over the years.  So what do you do to get better all the time?
Please respond to let me know.  Also if you ask your friends and associates the same question,  you will start a great conversation.
Recognizing and overcoming mental blind spots.

It may seem strange to say that you see with your brain.  Yes, the eyes are the windows.  They let in the light waves and movement that get interpreted by the brain.  If the ocular nerve (going from the eyes to the brain) or the part of the brain that interprets the signals is damaged, you don’t see.  You are blind even though there may be nothing wrong with your eyes.
We can also have a mental blind spot or mental lack of hearing spot because we are not paying attention.  Our brain has learned to ‘block out’ sights and sounds that have proven in the past not to be important to you.  You may not notice that there is music playing or people having  a conversation in the next room until someone brings it to your attention.
Mental blind spots can be there in a person’s brain about any subject and not just about sight or hearing.  You may be listening but not paying attention to someone talking to you, maybe even your spouse or parent, until suddenly they say something you really care about.  At that point it is as if your brain suddenly wakes up and pays attention.
You can be driving along the streets in your city and not take any notice whether parking is readily available until you get to the street where you will need parking.
There was a story several years ago about a man who had a large family but not much income.  During a hot summer spell his children started begging for an above ground pool for the back yard.  He told them he couldn’t afford it.  Then he left for work driving on the same highway and streets he took five days a week.  Suddenly he noticed a sign behind a house he was passing that said, “Above ground 15’ pool, free, to anyone who can pick it up.”  He pulled off at the next exit and found the house.  When he rang the doorbell he asked,”is the pool still available?  How long have you had that sign up?”  To his surprise the sign had been up for two months.  He had been passing it nearly every day and not taken notice until his children raised his awareness of wanting a pool.  His children got the pool they wanted.
We have to turn on our brain to a subject.  We have to be paying attention.  That is why trying to multitask gets in our way so often.  If you are looking at your phone you can’t be paying attention to the meeting you are attending, or the road while you are driving.