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A blog is meant to share thoughts worth sharing

I’m a TED fanatic. Ideas worth spreading. The short presentations are on such a myriad of subjects that anyone can find their interest. Or they can find a new interest.

In order to give a short presentation the presenter must have culled well. What is left gets to the point quickly and clearly.

When someone sends me an hour long video, a rambling interview, or a lengthy seminar I want to scream at them, “give me the summary, what are your main points?” Use a mind map and get your topic down to its essence, it’s key words, it’s key phrases, what you most want others to take away.

Business, Brains & B.S. published October 8, 2014

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Think how your meetings can have Da Vinci as a mentor

Da Vinci was a genius in part because he was brilliant in both science and art.  Everyone can tap into both sides of their brain.  Everyone can work to bring out the side less used (only an analogy) or bring together a team that excels in the areas not usually covered.

Wonderful News

Publishing a book means overcoming a lot of hurdles, not just getting the book written.  Two years to write the book then at least two months of agonizing back and forth editing and updating and editing again and updating again, etc. etc. etc.  But it is all worth it when you see the finished product.  And it is even more worth it when someone writes and says how much they liked or learned from your book.  So I hope that if and when you read my new book, Business, Brains & B.S.,  you will let me know.

The Next Book is So Close I Can See It

Business, Brains, & BS is in its final stages. Pre-pub reviews are coming in. The cover art will be unusual and innovative. The business mystery story will intrigue you. And you will gather new ideas for your own business world.

Idea Generation Instead of Brainstorming

The word brainstorming has gotten a bad rap from some who write on the www. The problem they seem to have is that their experiences with the subject have been the antithesis of purposeful brainstorming. So I propose to use ‘idea generation’ instead of brainstorming. That is the purpose of most brainstorming sessions any way. A good idea generation session has a clear goal but also leaves lots of room for playing around with ideas and exploring several different avenues that turn up. A good idea generation session also will produce some ideas and directions that seem immediately applicable while others should be put in the parking lot to be reintroduced and explored at a next meeting.