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Book publishing

If the number of emails I get on the subject of publishing, including publishing of ebooks, is any indication of general interest, there must be a tremendous number of people wanting to publish their story. When you have been a knowledge junkie like I have, it makes sense to write it all down and share the wisdom.

Wisdom is different from knowledge. Knowledge is made up of facts, opinions, information, and experiences. The total is valuable and should be shared. Wisdom is the result of applying thought and intelligence to those experiences and information. It is not just regurgitating the data, it is interpreting and discussing and looking at alternative explanations and viewpoints.

For most decisions in life there are multiple good and bad answers. It would be so much easier if there was one right answer and our job was just to figure that one out. Instead we must look at multiple alternatives. We weigh the alternatives with imagining the scenarios of the different potential results. We balance the pros and cons. We check our gut. We compare and contrast to past experiences and results.

None of this process should create analysis paralysis. The more experience you have to look back on, the more wisdom you can apply, the quicker the process can go. Wisdom makes sure you think it through before jumping.