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Back in IL

My daughter ran an amazing fund raiser on Saturday evening. When I left, the dance floor was filled with happy dancers.
But the purpose was to raise money for the FitMS Neurobalance Center and that was enormously successful. All the services they provide for people with diseases that affect balance and the ability to walk, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, will continue for another year.

Your brain completes what you can’t see

The view as the shuttle drove from the Philadelphia airport to the car rental lots was an interesting example of how our brain fills in what the eye can’t see. The side of the parking structure has a wonderful large sports mural. The parking structure has decks and spaces between the decks. The mural is painted Azif it is a solid wall so your brain has to piece the picture together. And it does.

Why call it power brainstorming?

Power up your process of brainstorming. Speeding up the process keeps your censoring brain from ruining your creativity. The moment you allow thoughts like ‘that won’t work’ or ‘ the others will think this is stupid’ those new and different ideas get squashed.

New book coming

Power Brainstorming, the book, focused on helping get past the boring kind of brainstorming to breakthrough ideas. My next book will cover how you can improve critical and creative thinking, decision making, communication of ideas, and whole brain thinking. I’ll test out pieces of the book in this blog. It would be great to get comments that can help me know what would be most beneficial to you on these topics.